Greeting your callers

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Customize how your agent greets callers. 



Log into, go to Agent Settings and click the edit pencil on "👋 My Greeting".


This will open your Edit Greeting modal



Use the text boxes to change your greeting. Call your agent to hear it live!


"When open" and "When closed"

You can set a different greeting for when you are open vs when you are closed. 


"Say open hours" checkbox

Use the checkbox to have your agent say your hours in either your open or closed greeting. When checked, you will see <open hours message> added to your text box. Your agent will now say your open hours as part of the greeting.


💡 TIP: anytime you see  words in brackets in a text input like <say open hours>, it means this is a phrase your agent will say but that you cannot customize. We do this in cases where changing the text could cause a bug that will prevent the agent from working properly.

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