What are human-to-human minutes?

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While human-to-agent calls are unlimited, calls are metered once the agent connects the call to your business at the request of the customer.

  • Your agent will always do its best to relay basic information.
  • You will be notified via text once your monthly limit is reached.
  • Your agent will take messages until the next billing cycle begins.

Note: Most local business calls last no longer than 2 minutes. Solo plan provides up to 250 free calls when the average call time is 2 minutes.

Human-to-human minutes accumulate when the agent connects a caller to your business.  For example if you set up the operator action to connect to your store, that call will count towards the 500 monthly minutes.  When you cross 500 minutes, the agent will take a message and forward that to you.  When the next month starts, you get 500 fresh minutes. 

You can also upgrade to our other plans which provide more minutes.  Pro provides up to 2,000 minutes per location while Premium is unlimited.  More details on our plans and pricing.

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