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Control what your agent knows and how it responds to callers from the Knowledge screen.




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The Knowledge table explained

Skills - we call each knowledge item a "skill". Skills represent what your agent can do.

Example phrase - what a caller can say to trigger the skill. Don't worry, this is only 1 example of many that your agent will understand. 

Action - what your agent will do when a callers asks about the skill. For most skills, you can change the action your agent will take.


How to change your Agent's knowledge

Clicking any skill in the knowledge table will open a form where you can

  1. Change the configuration for that skill using the radio buttons
  2. See a sample of how they conversation might go

Let's look at the form for Food order.


If a caller asks about ordering food, getting takeout, or anything like that, the above Food order skill is currently set to respond by offering to send a link with an option to customize what the Agent will say.

Use the radio buttons to change this setting.


💡 Tip: When you see words in brackets like <Can I text you the link?>, that means you cannot edit that part of the phrase. Why? Because your Agent needs to hear a Yes/No response from the caller to know what to do next.


Knowledge imported from Yelp

If you have a Yelp account, when you sign up to Goodcall we import Yelp data to setup Knowledge Skills like LOCATION and OPEN HOURS for you.

If you want to change this data, you'll need to do so in Yelp. Why? We don't want you to have to update all your business info in multiple places. Goodcall checks for new Yelp data every 24 hours. 

We plan to add more knowledge items from Yelp in the future :)


Every Knowledge Skill explained

Operator - this determines how your Agent will respond when a caller asks to speak with a person. The default setting is to connect them to your business number. You can change the Operator to take a message, offer to send a link, or just say a phrase.

Goodbye - change how your Agent says goodbye to callers. 

Location - your Agent will tell users your address. You can customize this phrase.

Open hours - your Agent can answer when you are open or closed. If you connected through Yelp, you can only update your hours from Yelp.

Food order - when users ask to order food, place a takeout order, etc., your Agent can respond by offering to send them a link to your online ordering, say a phrase, or immediately connect the caller to your business #.

Parking - customize what your Agent says when asked if you have parking.

Message taking - this setting will apply a) anytime a caller asks to leave a message, or b) when you set other Knowledge Skills  to take a message (Operator, Table Reservation). You can customize what your Agent says from this form. Notice that the agent always asks the Caller's name and how they'd like you to contact them. Messages will be sent to you via SMS and email by default, you can change this in Agent Settings

Table reservation - when callers ask to book a table you can have your Agent respond by: offering to send a reservation link, saying a phrase, taking a message, or connecting the caller to your business number.

Covid policy - choose whether masks and vaccines are required. You can add an additional phrase for your agent to say. For example if you have outdoor seating or anything else you'd like to explain.

Pricing - when asked about pricing your agent can: offer to send a link to your prices, say a phrase, or connect callers to your business number.


How can I get more Knowledge Skills?

Use the Request Knowledge button and tell us what you need. We'll make them for you :)


Why can't I make my own Knowledge Skills?

It breaks things. These language models are tricky and changes need to be tested before deployed. For example, if you're a dog groomer and want to add an "Accepted pets policy" that would break "Covid policy".

But we could make that "Pet policy" skill for you. We very much encourage you to click the Request Knowledge button and tell us what you need. We want to make them!





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