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Getting Started

  • Publishing the Goodcall phone number

    The easiest way to make use of your Goodcall number is to update your business profile on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Wix and other online sites where your customers find you.  Update the phone number on the admin page for your business profile on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Wix and your website. The Goodcall phon...

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  • Calls: Why, who and when

    What The calls screen shows you who called, when, and what was said from the Agent's point of view. It's a great place to see what is happening with your business calls and how your Goodcall Agent is doing. If you see problems, let us know, we want to improve.   Where Log into, click "Calls" go...

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  • Greeting your callers

    What Customize how your agent greets callers.    Where Log into, go to Agent Settings and click the edit pencil on "👋 My Greeting". This will open your Edit Greeting modal   Use the text boxes to change your greeting. Call your agent to hear it live!   "When open" and "When closed" You can se...

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  • Knowledge: skills and actions

    Control what your agent knows and how it responds to callers from the Knowledge screen.   Where   Video overview   The Knowledge table explained Skills - we call each knowledge item a "skill". Skills represent what your agent can do. Example phrase - what a caller c...

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  • Operator - Directory

    Using the Directory feature within the Operator skill, you can add contacts from your business to help your agent respond if a customer asks for someone by their name.  Adding contacts is a premium feature.  Your Goodcall agent will route the caller based on a workflow you define for each contact.   The cal...

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  • Business Description

    This skill helps your callers learn more about your business. You can configure your agent to either say something customized, or offer to send a link to your website, whenever a caller asks to describe the business.   The phrases that can trigger Business Description are: What type of business is this?...

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  • Hold

    This is a “premium($$$)” skill that helps you keep your callers in the queue until you’re available to speak with them. If the agent tries to connect the caller to your business number, and no one picks up at your business or the line is busy, your agent will offer to put the caller on hold.    When a calle...

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  • Take Orders

    Make money by configuring how you would like your agent to react when the caller wants to place an order. You can help your customers to place their orders with your business using voice conversations and commands.   The phrases that can trigger orders are: Place an order I'd like to place an order ...

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  • Running Late

    Save time by configuring how you would like your agent to react when notified that the caller is running late. You can let your customers know about your running late policy, whether you offer a grace period, or if there are any consequences for their missed appointment i.e. results in cancellation of the a...

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  • Walk-ins

    Save time by configuring how you would like your agent to handle walk-in requests. You can let your customers know about your walk-in policy, this is especially helpful for the customers who want to arrive without an appointment.    The phrases that can trigger walk-ins are: Do you take walk-ins? Do...

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  • Block Caller

    Goodcall now allows customers to block calls   Context: This feature is useful for customers who receive spam callers and want to preserve their calls per month.   Steps below: Log into your dashboard Select your "calls" tab Select the call you want to block In the bottom right-hand corner, you will see...

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  • Account Deletion for Inactivity

      When you sign up for your account, you have 21 days from that day to activate your agent number. Activating is simple by calling your agent. You can use any phone to activate and you must receive at least 3 calls, to keep your agent active per month. If you don't receive calls within 21 days, your agent w...

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  • Does Goodcall support Toll-Free numbers?

    Unfortunately, toll-free numbers are not supported on our platform.

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  • Does Goodcall support Vanity Numbers?

    Vanity numbers are unique phone numbers that use specific patterns of numbers or letters that customers easily remember (ie. 1-800-GOODCALL). At this time, vanity numbers are currently not supported by Goodcall.

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  • Google Voice is now available for Goodcall

    How to verify your Goodcall number in Google Voice via SMS Open your Google Voice app Navigate to your “Settings”  Under “Account”, select “Devices and Numbers” Under “Linked Numbers”, select “New Linked Number” In the text box, input your Goodcall number and select "send code" You will receive an SMS wit...

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  • How can it be free?

    Our Solo plan is free for one user and one location (phone number).   At Goodcall we believe that the best AI technology in the world should not be reserved for the mega-corporations. Our core mission is "Help local business grow via accessible AI."      Our Solo plan makes this product available for the in...

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About Goodcall

  • Our Mission

    At Goodcall we believe that the best AI technology in the world should not be reserved for the mega-corporations.  Our core mission is "Help local business grow via accessible AI." Our team is passionate about helping local shops and services.  One of the easiest things we can do is help them answer the pho...

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  • Job Openings

    Ready to take the next step in your career and be a part of the core team at a startup?  Do you have a passion for NLP, AI and building an application which makes a difference for consumers and small business?   Goodcall is a remote-first workplace embracing remote workers while also bringing them together ...

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  • Contact us

    We would love to hear from you about how you are using the product, insightful feedback and comments.  The most convenient way to reach us is using the HELP button at the bottom right of all the pages.      If this is a product request, then please submit a request here.    For information on partnerships ...

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  • Partnerships & Integrations

    Goodcall partners and integrates with small business platforms and software services which help local shops and services get their work done.   An example is our Yelp integration which seamlessly allows a business to setup and maintain the Knowledge skills in Goodcall. Please send us an email at bizdev@good...

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Privacy & Terms

  • "Call recorded for quality"

    Every call which comes into Goodcall starts with the call recording consent "whisper".  This message lets the caller know that you care about call quality and customer service.  It is also required by law in some US states.   There is no option to disable this consent whisper. Note: At this time (Sept 1) th...

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  • Privacy

    Goodcall AI, Inc. Privacy Policy Last Updated: September 1, 2021 We at Goodcall AI, Inc. and our affiliates (“Goodcall” “we”, “us”, or “our”) have created this Privacy Policy to describe how we collect and use personal information from and about the visitors to our web site at (the “Site”) ...

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  • Terms of Service

    GOODCALL AI INC. TERMS OF SERVICE Date of Last Revision: Sept 1, 2021  Acceptance of These Terms of Service Goodcall AI Inc. (“Goodcall” “we,” “us,” or “our”) provides a natural language processing platform that allows consumers to interact with our customers via an AI-based phone services(such services, in...

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